Chans Planting in OKC

Henry and Keo Chan arrived in Oklahoma City (OKC)with their family in June 2010. Why is a recent graduate of SEBTS moving his family to OKC? To plant a Second Gen church among Asian background people. They arrived safely in OKC with one little hiccup along the way; they almost lost their towed vehicle on the dolly. The only things that held it together were chains and prayers.

Since they arrived in OKC, they are more convinced that the Father has brought them there for His work. For example, one of my friends who I have not seen for over 20 years invited us to a birthday party. There were at least 40 people there of all ages. People groups attending were Laotians, Khmus and Vietnamese. A Buddhist ceremony was included in the birthday party celebration. One boy came up to me and asked “Are you a Christian?” I said, “Yes, I am. I am a follower of Jesus Christ”. He was surprised and said, “But you’re an Asian, you’re supposed to be a Buddhist.” They have found their mission field.

The Chans covet your prayers. Henry and Keo want God’s Spirit to move before them as they seek to serve Him in OKC. 5 things you can pray:
1. Pray for our core group. Pray for God’s Spirit to raise up those who desire to be part of God’s vision for 2nd Gen Asians.
2. Pray for Sam who is 2nd Gen Asian and also shows interest in the work.
3. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel while visiting old friends. This is going to be my “Jerusalem.” Then, I will move to others in the community.
4. Pray for the possibility of part-time job or provisions.  Since my position at NWBC is only part-time, Keo and I have to raise the remaining support.
5. Pray for good health for the Chan’s household, since we now no longer have health or dental insurance.